No Indiba effect?

Simply put, Indiba is a heating device that uses high-frequency waves. Indiba was originally developed in Spain as a medical device for cancer treatment. Nowadays, it is widely known for its therapeutic and beauty purposes. Many of you may have heard of radio waves and heat therapy in the medical and beauty world. It is also used for sports training, rehabilitation, etc. Indiba is currently used by many people because it aims to warm the deep parts of the body and is safe and painless.

Why Indiba is popular

In recent years, one of the treatments that has been attracting attention in the field of beauty and rehabilitation is Indiba. There are many benefits and effects behind its popularity. Below, let’s explore why Indiba is so popular.


Indiba is non-invasive and does not involve surgery. This appeals to many people and is accepted as a safe and effective procedure in beauty salons and rehabilitation fields. The pain and recovery period are minimal, so you can undergo the procedure without affecting your daily life.

Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism

High-frequency energy penetrates the tissues, promoting blood circulation and improving metabolism. This effect promotes tissue repair and regeneration, contributing to skin beautification and supporting injury treatment.

Promote collagen production

In terms of beauty, promotion of collagen production is attracting attention. The stimulation of Indiba improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and can be expected to improve wrinkles and sagging.

pain relief and muscle relaxation

It has an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effect, thereby relieving pain and discomfort. This is an important benefit for people with chronic pain or sports injuries.

Sports recovery and performance improvement

Athletes and athletes use Indiba before and after training to accelerate muscle recovery and help prevent and treat injuries. This contributes to improved performance.

Targets a wide range of treatments

It is suitable not only for improving sagging, wrinkles, and cellulite on the face and body, but also for chronic pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. Therefore, it can be said to be versatile enough to meet a variety of needs.

Overall, Indiba has gained wide acceptance and popularity in the beauty and rehabilitation fields due to its effective treatment and non-invasive nature.

What kind of people use Indiba?

Recently, the treatment method “Indiba” has been attracting attention in the beauty and rehabilitation fields, but what kind of people actually use it?

people who are sensitive to beauty

Indiba is widely used by beauty conscious people due to its non-invasive nature and effective cosmetic effects. People who are concerned about cellulite, those who are conscious of improving skin sagging and wrinkles, and those who expect beautiful skin effects choose it as a means of pursuing beauty while avoiding surgery. An increasing number of people are experiencing this before their bridal event.

athletes and athletes

Indiba has become an important tool for athletes and athletes when it comes to rehabilitating injuries and recovering from muscle fatigue. High-frequency energy penetrates deep into the muscles and suppresses inflammation, contributing to early treatment and prevention of injuries.

people with chronic pain

People suffering from chronic pain also actively use Indiba. Its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects are said to be effective against pain caused by various causes. These include back pain, stiff shoulders, and joint pain.

People aiming to diet

Indibais said to improve metabolism and promote fat burning. As a result, people aiming to lose weight are actively incorporating it as a supplement to their training. In particular, it is expected to improve cellulite and partial thinning.

people seeking relaxation

People who live in a stressful society use Indiba for daily relaxation because they feel warmth during the treatment and can expect a relaxing effect. The comfortable heating effect will soothe your mental and physical fatigue. Being able to proceed with the procedure while consulting with a professional at the salon gives you great peace of mind.

people who are sensitive to cold

Indiba warms your body from the core, so it also helps improve sensitivity to cold. There are many symptoms caused by a cold body. By warming not only the surface of your body but also the deep part of your body, you can improve your physical condition. Also, warming up your body is beneficial for pregnancy.

Regardless of age or gender

It is used by people of a wide range of age groups and genders, and is characterized by its versatility. A wide variety of people, young and old, undergo Indiba for beauty, health, and relaxation. Of course, the age range of female users is wide, but recently the age range of men has also become wider. This is a popular treatment method that is supported by many people.

Indiba facial effect

Indiba facials are said to tone the skin and bring beauty benefits. Below are its main effects.

Lift up and improve sagging

Collagen regeneration Indiba uses its thermal effect to reach deep layers of the skin and promote collagen production. This tightens the skin and improves sagging skin.

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Improve skin elasticity  Warming promotes blood circulation and delivers nutrients to cells, improving skin elasticity. This is said to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

skin moisturizing effect

Adjustment of sebum secretion Pores open due to heat and sebum secretion is regulated. This prevents your skin from drying out and makes it easier to keep it moist.

Whitening effect by promoting blood circulation

Blood circulation improvement Heat promotes blood circulation. This transports oxygen and nutrients and removes waste products, which evens out the skin tone and is expected to have a whitening effect.

Reduce swelling

Activation of lymph flow Heat is said to smooth the flow of lymph and reduce swelling. It is especially effective for swelling around the eyes and the entire face.

Increased amount of oxygen in the blood

Improve metabolism Improved blood circulation improves metabolism. This promotes skin cell metabolism and supports skin health.

The effects of Indiba on facials are wide-ranging, including skin tightening, whitening, moisturizing, and promoting blood circulation. However, since there are individual differences, it is important to consult with a specialist regarding treatment time and number of treatments.

Indiba body diet effect

Indiba is said to be expected to have certain effects on body diets. Below are its main effects.

Promote fat burning

Thermal effect Indiba uses heat to warm the body, so it is expected to improve metabolism and promote fat burning. This is expected to improve the body shape.

Reduce cellulite 

Improvement of lymph flow Indiba treatment promotes lymph flow and supports the discharge of waste products. This is expected to reduce cellulite that is difficult to erase and improve appearance.

Reduce swelling

Improvement of circulation Indiba improves blood circulation and smoothes the flow of lymph, which may drain excess water from the body and reduce swelling. there is.

muscle relaxation

Muscle warming Heat makes it easier for your muscles to relax. This helps recover from muscle fatigue caused by exercise and improves the effectiveness of stretching.

Weight management support

Improve metabolism Indiba promotes metabolism, so when combined with proper diet and exercise, it can support weight management and dieting.

important point

Indiba is only a supplementary measure and should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The effects of the treatment vary from person to person. Regular and continuous treatments are required to achieve the desired results.

It is important to consult with a specialist before undergoing any treatment depending on your health and physical condition.

The effects of Indiba on body dieting are expected to promote metabolism, support fat burning, and reduce cellulite, but since it varies from person to person, it is important to work on it while receiving the advice of an expert.

How to choose an Indiba salon

It is important to think carefully when choosing an Indiba salon. The following are points to consider when choosing an Indiba salon.

Practitioner’s background It is important that the staff who perform Indiba treatment have specialized knowledge and skills. You can trust a salon where you can check the practitioner’s profile.

Experience and Reputation Check the experience and reputation of the salon. You can learn about the real experiences of other customers by checking out reviews and testimonials.

Types of treatments Please check whether there are many types and menus of Indiba treatments. The more variations there are in treatments, the easier it will be to find the one that suits you.

Cleanliness and comfort The cleanliness and atmosphere of the salon are also important points. It is important to receive the treatment in a comfortable environment. There are a variety of salons, including salons where there are many young women, salons that cater to a wide range of age groups, and salons that have an atmosphere that is easy for men to enter. From the homepage, you can also check the atmosphere of the treatment room and the profile of the practitioner. Consider the experience of the practitioner and the location.

Ease of reservation Please also check whether it is easy to make a reservation. It is important to be able to receive treatment smoothly even when it is crowded. If you are going to receive treatment several times in a row, it is important to be able to make reservations with the same practitioner.

Ease of consultation Also consider whether counseling and consultation are easy. It is also important to be able to clearly communicate your goals and hopes. With a system in which the practitioner provides counseling themselves, it is easy to convey your feelings and feel safe.

Prices and plans Make sure that the fee structure and plans are clear and understandable. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on whether there are any hidden costs.

Customer Service The attitude and response of the salon staff is also an important point. Make sure you can expect friendly and courteous customer service.

Facility location Please also consider the location of the salon. The ease of going to the hospital depends on whether it is located in an easy-to-go location. Some treatments may not be effective at first time, so consider the location, such as being close to your home, workplace, or station.

Checking compatibility In Indiba treatment, the compatibility between you and the practitioner is also important. Check what you feel after the first treatment and see if it meets your needs.

Find a reliable Indiba salon that suits you by considering these points.

You can grow hair with Indiba!

In recent years, new approaches to beauty and health have become widespread. Among them, a treatment method called Indiba is attracting attention. Among these, one that is expected to have surprising effects is its hair growth effect.

Indiba is a treatment method that uses high-frequency equipment that uses special frequencies. This treatment delivers heat deep into the body and promotes cell activation. This effect is also applied to hair growth.

The relationship betweenIndiba and hair growth

Indiba is a treatment method that uses high-frequency equipment that uses special frequencies. This treatment delivers heat deep into the body and promotes cell activation. This effect is also applied to hair growth.

Scalp blood circulation promotion Indiba promotes blood flow and improves scalp blood circulation. Good blood circulation delivers nutrients to the hair roots and supports healthy hair growth.

Improvement of metabolism The thermal effect of Indiba improves metabolism. This improves the environment around the hair roots and creates conditions for new hair to grow.

Stimulation of dermal papilla Indiba’s frequency stimulates cells and energizes dermal papilla. This promotes hair growth and helps your hair grow thicker and healthier.

Benefits ofIndiba hair growth

Natural method It promotes hair growth through natural stimulation without using chemicals, minimizing damage.

Non-invasive Indiba is a non-invasive beauty treatment that does not require any processes such as injections or surgery.

Relaxing effect The thermal effect spreads throughout the body, and you can expect a relaxing effect during the treatment.

Sustainable improvement You can spend a pleasant time without pain or hardship. Therefore, sustained and effective improvement is expected through regular treatment.

Before consideringIndiba hair growth

Counseling Before starting Indiba hair growth, it is important to receive counseling from a professional. These are the necessary steps to create a treatment plan that suits you.

Review of lifestyle habits Indiba is effective, but a balanced diet and sufficient sleep are also important in order to grow healthy hair.

Combination with other hair growth methods While using Indiba, you can also use other hair growth methods such as hair growth shampoos, hair growth treatments, and health supplements.

Indiba hair growth, which utilizes the latest beauty technology, not only promotes hair growth but also provides a pleasant and relaxing effect. Why not consider it once to have confidence in your hair and get healthy hair?

Pregnancy with Indiba

In recent years, various approaches to pregnancy-hunting (activities for people who want to become pregnant) have been attracting attention. Among them, Indiba is also incorporated as part of pregnancy efforts. Here, let’s explore the influence and effects of Indiba on fertility.

Indiba points for pregnancy

Blood circulation promotion The thermal effect of Indiba promotes blood circulation and improves blood supply to the uterus. This increases the thickness of the lining of the uterus, creating conditions for the fertilized egg to implant.

Relaxing effect Stress is your enemy when trying to conceive. Indiba treatment has a relaxing effect, which has a positive effect on hormonal balance and creates conditions that make it easier to become pregnant. You can spend a comfortable time without any pain.

Uterine temperature regulation Maintaining an appropriate temperature in the endometrium is important for the implantation of a fertilized egg. Since Indiba warms the entire body, it is said that the uterus is also kept at a moderate temperature.

Benefits ofIndiba pregnancy planning

Natural method Indiba is a natural method of getting pregnant that uses external stimulation and does not use drugs or hormones. Recommended for those who are concerned about medication.

Available for couples At Indiba, couples can receive treatment together. This will deepen communication and provide an opportunity to work towards pregnancy together.

Easy to incorporate into your daily rhythm Indiba treatments can be performed in a short time and are easy to attend. It is easy to incorporate even for those who are busy trying to get pregnant. By visiting regularly, you can easily plan your schedule, receive advice, and feel more comfortable.

As a point of caution

Consultation with a doctor A doctor’s guidance is important when trying to conceive. Consult your doctor for advice before introducing Indiba.

Reviewing your overall lifestyle In addition to Indiba, it is important to review your overall lifestyle, such as healthy eating habits, sufficient sleep, and stress management when trying to conceive.

The effects of Indiba vary depending on each individual’s constitution, so it is important to receive advice from a specialist and incorporate it without overdoing it. Ideally, this is just one way to proceed with a stress-free pregnancy.

Diseases that can be prevented with Indiba

In recent years, health consciousness has increased, and various methods have been adopted. One of them is “Indiba”. This treatment, which uses high-frequency electric current to warm the body, is said to help prevent various diseases. Some of them are introduced below.

High blood pressure The warming effect of Indiba is expected to promote blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. This may contribute to preventing or improving high blood pressure.

Diabetes By improving blood circulation, it is expected that glucose and insulin in the body will be used more efficiently. This may help prevent diabetes.

Illnesses caused by sensitivity to cold Indiba warms the entire body, so it is expected to improve sensitivity to cold. It can be expected to prevent hormonal imbalance and autonomic nervous disorder, which tend to occur due to sensitivity to cold.

Infectious diseases due to weakened immune system The thermal effect may improve immunity and help prevent infectious diseases.

Heart disease caused by stress Indiba treatment has a relaxing effect, which leads to a reduction in stress. It may help prevent heart disease caused by stress.

Osteoporosis The thermal effect of Indiba may suppress the decline in bone density and may contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

Indiba has promising potential in health promotion and disease prevention. However, this is just a part of prevention, and it is important to follow basic lifestyle habits and doctor’s instructions. Depending on your physical condition and goals, it is advisable to consult with a specialist before incorporating them.

The reason why it is said that there is no Indiba effect

If you feel that there is no Indiba effect, there may be several reasons. Below are the main factors.

Overestimating expectations Indiba is an effective treatment, but the results may not be immediate. If you expect too much change from a single treatment, such as improving your skin quality or constitution, it will feel like it will not be effective. It is important to choose the treatment method, treatment area, and pace that suits you.

Quality of treatment The effects of Indiba treatment greatly depend on the skills of the esthetician and medical institution performing the treatment. If the treatment is performed by a practitioner with little technical skill or experience, the intended effect may not be achieved. Check the practitioner’s profile and qualifications on the salon’s website.

Health status and lifestyle habits Indiba is a treatment that utilizes the thermal effect within the body, but it is also affected by the health status and lifestyle habits of the recipient. If you are not feeling well, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation. Adequate hydration and good nutrition are important to bring out the effects, so be careful about your health.

Problem with treatment interval Continuous care of Indiba treatment increases the effectiveness. If the treatment interval is too short or too long, it may be difficult to obtain results. Be sure to have thorough counseling and realize the maximum effect at a pace that suits you.

A type of improvement reaction Some people feel that it is not effective because they feel tired, get pimples, or experience muscle pain after the treatment. This occurs when waste products and toxins are excreted from the body. This is a type of positive reaction that changes the body to a better state.

If you feel that the treatment is not working, it is important to first consult with the person in charge and check the situation. In addition, by clarifying expectations before the treatment and properly understanding the progress after the treatment, it will be easier to accurately judge the effectiveness.

Example of using Indiba

Diet method usingIndiba

Regular treatments Continuous care is the key to Indiba’s diet effects. Enjoy a stress-free and comfortable life by receiving regular treatments that suit you. And feel the correct effect.

Balanced Meal Not only Indiba, but also a balanced diet is important. A healthy diet is possible by properly consuming and consuming nutrients.

Moderate exercise Indiba contributes to muscle activation, but don’t forget to incorporate moderate exercise as well. Even activities that are comfortable and easy on your body, such as walking or stretching, are effective. We recommend exercising that you can continue to do every day.

While people are worried about rebound, Indiba uses a unique approach to help you lose weight safely and without pain. However, in order to maximize the effects, it is important to balance not only the treatment but also diet and exercise. It is necessary to try to live a healthy and stress-free life. Your metabolism will improve, and your constitution will become harder to gain weight and rebound. Don’t rush and incorporate it into your life continuously. Dieting is not something you can do in a short period of time. The key is to quickly find and implement a method that will continue one year, five years, or ten years from now. Among them, Indiba is an excellent diet ally. If you haven’t experienced it yet, why not give it a try?

At Usagi no Jikan Asakusa main store, we use Indiba’s latest top-of-the-line machine EDNA PLO MAX. In addition, the treatments are performed by Indiba treatment technicians with 20 years of experience as therapists, so you can trust us with confidence. We look forward to serving you with a rich menu and a comfortable space.

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